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Mobile Base Cubetainer



4" Caster Wheel Kit Assembly                                                                             10" Pneumatic Wheel Kit Assembly
Shown with Sidemount Pump Kit #34702302                                                               Shown with Sidemount Pump Kit #34702302

Mobile Base Options

Part No.  Gallon/Description F.O.B.
34702387 4" Caster Wheel Kit Assembly B
37402388 10" Pneumatic Wheel Kit Assembly B
35801577 Steel Stand - Base Only B

• Caster Kit Assembly includes (2) 4" Swivel Casters w/brakes, (2) 4" Straight Casters and (4) Attachment Plates with bolt kits. 
• Pneumatic Wheel Kit Assembly includes: (2) 10" Swivel pneumatic wheels w/brakes, (2) 10" Straight pneumatic wheels and (4) Attachment Plates with bolt kits. 
• The pneumatic wheel kit is limited to use with 120 gallon or smaller tanks.
• Do not use more than one tank stacked on the mobile base assembly.
• With either the 4" Caster kit or 10" pneumatic wheel kit, you need to add (1) steel stand base only #3581577 if you don't already have it.

Individual Replacement Parts

Part No.  GallonDescription F.O.B.
34702395 Attachment Plate only with bolt kit B
36100064 Caster Only, 4" Swivel w/brake B
36100066 Caster Only, 4" Straight B
36100065 Pneumatic Wheel Only, 10" Swivel w/brake B
36100067 Pneumatic Wheel Only, 10" Straight B


 Attachment Plate 4" Caster w/Brake 10" Pneumatic Wheel Steel Stand, Base Only










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