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Shop Stackable Oil Storage Tanks

Cubetainer™ Tanks

Part No.  Gallon/Description Dimensions F.O.B. 
1032000N95401 60 Gal. Lube (brass inserts)  36" x 36" x 17.5" B
1032100N95401  80 Gal. Lube (brass inserts)  36" x 36" x 21.75" B
1032200N95401  120 Gal. Lube (brass inserts) 36" x 36" x 30.5" B
1032300N95401  180 Gal. Lube (brass inserts) 36" x 36" x 39.75" B
1032400N95401  260 Gal. Lube (brass inserts) 36" x 36" x 57.25  B
B = Bensenville, IL 
Solutions for Auto Service Shops, Quick Lube Stores, Fleet Operations and a variety of other industries.

Eliminate Hassles of 55 gallon drums
• Messy clutter from drum storage
• Unused product in each “empty” drum
• Potential contamination from outdoor drum storage
• Down-time moving 55 gallon drums
• Potential injury and workers comp claims from moving awkward drums

Buy in Bulk: Reduce Your Total Fluid Expenses
A one-time, cost-effective investment will store multiple Class IIIB fluids such as motor oils, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, ATF, Antifreeze, DEF and many other fluids. A refillable bulk storage system also reduces waste from packaged goods.

Optimize Valuable Shop Space
Our space saving stackable fluid systems can open up valuable floor space to allow for additional revenue producing shop work space or the expansion of the number of service bays.

Flexibility to Move Fluids throughout Your Shop or Forklift Tanks into Trucks.
Convert a stationary system into a portable storage system for point-of-use dispensing with either caster wheels or the addition of a forklift/pallet jack pallet base.

Secondary Containment
Provides a clean and safe barrier between the tank and the environment for EPA and SPCC Compliance. Primary tanks combined with secondary containment provide a clean, space saving solution to meet SPCC guidelines 40 CFR 264.175 requiring 110% capacity of a single primary tank within the containment.
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