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Cubetainer Advantages





Why Choose the Cubetainer for your lube storage needs ….
• Eliminates messy clutter from drum storage.
• Eliminates loss from unused product left in the bottom of each “empty” drum.
• Eliminate potential contamination form outdoor drum storage
• Eliminate down-time and potential injury moving around awkward 55 gallon drums.
• Buy in bulk to reduce your total fluid expenses.
• Optimize valuable shop space for additional revenue producing areas such as an additional service bay.
• Flexibility to move Fluids throughout your shop.

What makes polyethylene a great choice for lube storage….
• Polyethylene tanks are lower cost than steel or stainless steel lube storage tanks
• Polyethylene is Lightweight - less than one-half the weight of steel
• Polyethylene tanks are seamless one-piece construction. No welds to break or leak.
• Polyethylene won’t rust or pit like steel tanks.
• Polyethylene is easy to clean and maintain.
• Polyethylene has Exceptional Impact resistance – wont dent like steel.
• Polyethylene has Better weatherability – can be stored outside or in damp areas without rusting.
• Polyethylene is Translucent when molded of natural resin for visible liquid level
• Polyethylene is Virtually maintenance free – no repainting.



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